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New Harmon Racing Double-Stack Trailer
Inside view from the front
with QT3 on top and QT2 underneath
View from the rear shows the heavy
duty ramps and diamond plate flooring

The Harmon racing team has a new edition to the racing fleet, but not one you're likely to see on the track.  That's because its not a race car.  It's an extra height car hauler specially fitted to carry two low profile VW race cars, specifically Quarter Toy 2 and Quarter Toy 3.  This means racing fans can expect more two car appearances from the Harmon Racing team.  The new trailer uses a special lift system to raise the first car up so the second one can be placed underneath.  Harmon Racing is the first team to utilize such a system, and it really shows their commitment to VW drag racing.  Keep an eye out for the new trailer at VW events throughout the season.

Despite the large size, Damon's full size truck
has no trouble pulling the double load
Now the Harmon Racing team can bring
both Quarter Toys to the track with ease

Damon Harmon is the Current 2008 ECPRA points leader.

Damon Harmon is the 2007 TXPRA points champion.
6 Time TXPRA Champion!

Damon wins 2008 Big Bug Shootout in Piedmont,NC

New Harmon Racing Double Stack Trailer

Best Times
1/8 Mile:
   6.03 @ 112.96 mph
CB Perf P/S Nat\'s Oct 2005

1/4 Mile:
   9.54 @ 138.94 mph
CB Perf P/S Nat\'s Oct 2005




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